Another Way to Classify Music

“The Ultimate Rule ought to be: ‘If it seems GOOD to you, really bitchin’; if it appears BAD to YOU, it can shitty. A lot more your musical technology experience, the simpler it is to define for yourself what works best and what you don’t like. very well ~ Frank Zappa¬†free musically followers without downloading apps or survey or human verification

That is normal that we music lovers make genuine attempts to classify music. Some classify by music genre and sub-genre. Other folks divide it between commercial, academic, folkloric or popular. And maybe you’ve noticed that there are those who separate it into two basic groups: good and bad. The excellent and bad way will come a little close, but really still not my way of classifying music. The truth is, I dislike the idea that me or any person else may claim to be the reigning judge with absolute authority to decide which music excellent and which is bad.¬†

I prefer that the deciding factor be: my own taste. To each his or her own taste. Let each person decide for the music they like or do not like.

And what is the background music I like, like? I don’t really know what your’s is like, but mine is honest, significant, passionate, original, innovative, high-risk, profound and intense. It’s the the one which makes me move my body. I say it this way because the movements I make I wouldn’t necessarily call dancing (hahaha). it is the the one that gives myself goosebumps and makes me personally laugh, cry or heave a sigh.

I like hypnotic music, the the one which has what Spanish people label as duende. It’s the the one that traps me, forces me personally to quit whatever I am just doing and give it all my attention. My spouse and i like the the one that carries me to another place, time or feeling. We like the the one which makes me want to take part, even whether it’s just by hitting my glass with a fork. I like the the one that surprises me and activates my imagination. Now i’m seduced by normally the one gowns hard to classify and challenges all stereotypes. Now i’m conquered by the one that’s humble and positive, inspires me to be an improved person and is part of the solution (not the problem).

Normally the one I don’t like is cold, empty, predictable, ” light “, generic and packed with clich? s. I don’t appreciate it when someone attempts to impress me and wants to demonstrate how much they know and exactly how fast they play. Now i’m not a major fan of mazacotes, mano a somanta, pirouettes or contests. We seriously don’t like music that feels like math, blah, blah, blah or filling up. I dislike it when I have to review it to understand it or when it is so hollow that it give me a brain short-circuit.

The exciting thing about classifying music matching to the taste is that it is almost impossible to find two that are exactly the same. Our taste is part of the identity, like some kind of musical technology fingerprint of DNA. It really is another way of revealing who we are, where we are and where we are going. This shows where we are because our taste constantly expands and contracts. That shows where we are going since it is the compass that redirects our steps and records our path.

Tastes change because we change. We now have new activities and discover new musics. Meanwhile, we stop liking some of the musics we used to like. It’s kind of like when you run into and former mate and think to yourself: how do I have recently been attracted to this person?

Not everyone that at any time desired to be a rock and roll star still rocks. A few keep their inner rocker hidden in the storage room (hehehe). But you can also get have the die-hard beboppers, hip-hopers and rockers. It’s great that we have them around. So far as me moves, I know the qualifications music I listened to during my childhood will always have a special put in place my heart.