Can Stem Cell Technology Make Your Face Look Younger?

There is a lot of speak about stem cell technology. Regrettably almost all of the discussion has been around the ethical subject of using embryotic tissue for research. Embryotic cells are exciting because it is believed that they contain the complete set of genetic instructions. Thus maybe some day they could be used to regrow limbs or bodily organs. Aging is caused by cells replicating and perishing after some time. Apple Stem Cell Skin Care

Each time this process occurs the cellular material lose more of the genetic code necessary for creating new cells. Presently there has been significant research performed on adult control cells. The result of this studies have led pre lit to a new kind of skin care. 

Corporations are now creating control cell skin care products and serums. The idea is the fact by growing adult stem skin cells in a lab there is a by-product of this growth that can be harvested and grouped together into a delivery cream or serum for use in its appearance. Preferably the ingredients of these products would encourage your existing cells to continue to replicate at a normal rate thus slowing down the aging process for those cells.

The products do not contain any human tissue or innate material. The items contain a special blend of peptides which come from amino acids and enzymes which speed up reactions. These types of special formulas are created to encourage new skin growth from your own skin’s existing stem cells.

My partner and I have recently been by using a new product called Luminesce by Jeunesse. Thus far the results have been good. I switch 42 this season and my wife will be forty-eight both of us are showing signs of maturing. Were combining good epidermis care and a good diet and exercise regime that includes cycling and cooling off in order to keep our aging in balance.