Citroen C3 Is A Refined And Comfortable Hatchback

The superior and comfy Citroen C3 aims to combine quirky design cues with a high-class interior. Is actually roomy, too, with a spacious interior and good sized boot. You will discover two engine options available; you ) 1 litre gas and 1. 4 litre petrol but both have difficulty to carry C3’s weight. The 1 ) six litre Citroen C3 engine gives 94bhp and comes mated with a four speed computerized gearbox. This is unquestionably an improvement over its predecessor but it is still not on the same level as its class leaders for all-round capability. With their round and upright lines, the Citroen C3 surely outshines the supermini masses. Yet , it doesn’t have the same flamboyance as the Kia Rio and Ford Fiesta. All decreases besides the entry-level VT feature alloy wheels and Citroen’s trademark panoramic windscreen or dashboard. Top quality Exclusive model gets extra chrome trim in an attempt to give the car a touch of luxurious appeal. When you get in really clear that designers have tried to supply the five door C3 an improved feel. citroen berlingo

The dashboard is inspired by the DS3 supermini and almost all of the plastics have a category look and feel. This is clear right from the start that the Citroen C3 has recently been made with the reassurance of brain. A flexible ride, almost zero noise levels and good driving position make the C3 an suddenly relaxing long-distance companion. Generally there are two engine available options; 1. 1 litre gas and 1. 4 litre petrol but both fight to carry C3’s weight. The 1. 6 litre Citroen C3 engine offers 94bhp and comes mated with a four speed computerized gearbox. The Citroen C3 was awarded only four stars in the Dollar NCAP crash tests despite having a totally new design. You will find six safetybags only in the VTR+ models, while ESP is optional in each and every model other than the range leading Exclusive version. C3 is a refined cruiser as the street and wind sounds is kept to the minimum. As the C3 is a huge car it even offers a spacious cottage. The inside has lots of storage and the boot space is three hundred litres.

The Citroen C3 is a supermini which doesn’t break your budget due to its low running costs. The one particular. 6 litre petrol results almost 50mpg, which makes it frugal and the CO2 emissions are below the 1. 1 litre and 1. 4 litre engines. Nonetheless, the petrol are the easiest on your pocket, especially eco-special Airdream cars. This eco-special has tweaked the you. 6 litre engine and it now offers seventy four. 3mpg and tax-busting CARBON emissions of 99g/km. The Citroen C3 lets itself down with its uncomfortable looks and uninvolving drive. However, lots of space and good diesel search engines make up for these short falls. If someone is thinking to get the SensoDrive model, they should test it out first. Although the gearbox gives a nice looking overall advantage yet , the equipment shifts can be somewhat slow. The Pluriel comes with full length sun-roof. The best choice can be the C3 one particular ) 4 HDi with its fast diesel engine that generates a respectable amount of torque. This is also equipped with start/stop feature in order to lowering the energy consumption.