Cloud Computing – Is It Safe?

You will discover essentially two varieties of computing environments:

On-premises computer is the traditional form of computing in which you or your enterprise own and manage your own systems. All the applications you use, as well as your data documents, are in your own computers on your own premises either on specific PCs or on an in-house neighborhood network. Types of Cloud Services

In cloud computing, by compare, your applications and data files are held remotely on the Internet (in cyberspace) in a network of servers which is run with a third get together. You access applications and work on your data from your PC simply by logging on to the network. 

Cloud services are provided by cloud-hosting providers, companies such as Google, Amazon, Oracle Cloud, Rackspace, Microsoft Azure, and so on.

There exists little or nothing fundamentally new about the concept of cloud services. If you utilize Gmail, Hotmail or yahoo for your e-mails, you are using cloud services and probably have been for many years.

What is relatively new is the kinds of services that are being offered in a cloud-environment. These now go far beyond email to hide all the THIS services that an on-premises computing environment would deliver, such as accounting, marketing, human resources etc.

Positive aspects of cloud computing

Cloud computing has several advantages over on-premises computing:

1) You can run an application or access your files from anywhere in the world using any computer.

2) Cloud processing is less expensive.

3) You need less technological knowledge.

4) Cloud work offers an improved performance.

5) Cloud computing is eminently scalable. Increasing the amount of applications you use or the amount of information you store does indeed not demand a heavy investment; you only need to advise the cloud-hosting mechanic.

Given these advantages it no surprise that during the last few years there has been a widespread rapid adoption of cloud computing. Analysts calculate that the growth rate of all investing in cloud IT will soon be at least four times faster than the growth rate of all spending on-premises computing.