Floor Plans And Elevations: Two Of The Most Important Architectural Drawings

If you are building a house there are two architectural sketches you will come across: floor plans and elevations.

Ground plans

These are generally 2D images that give you a picture of how the completed structure will look like once complete. The floor plan includes paintings of every floor, water lines and other fixtures. To give you a sharper picture of how the home will look like, there are some floor strategies which may have furniture. Pinterest

We can declare looking at a floor plan is a lot like looking your house from the most notable without the roof on. 

So that you can understand how the house will look like once complete you have to know the drawing. You should note that the property is drawn at the size of 1: 100. The cool thing is that if you don’t be familiar with drawing, the architect will be helpful in helping you understand it better.


They are being used in representing the outdoors view of the house from all sides: front, back again and two sides.

A good elevation should show the following:

All the proposed and already existing buildings
Wall, posts and their heights
Elevations, sizes and sections of each floor level that is pertinent to the suggested buildings
Location and size of footings and other structural components
Connections, framings, downs and any other structural details
In the event the house in question is action, it should show how it relates to the already existing structure.
Found in some cases elevations show balconies, doors, windows and front porch
The standard elevations are drawn at a scale of you: 100, but the builder can always customize them according to you needs. For instance, the professional can use a rate of 1: 200 and any other.

In addition to the elevation offering you a clear picture of the outside look of your house, it’s also required by the local specialists that make use of it in supplying you home permits. The authorities inspect the paintings and ensure they are in line with the building regulations.