Google AdWords and Google AdSense: Are You Winning or Losing the Game?

The Google AdWords program has become one of the most popular ways in promoting on the Internet. Their companion program, Google AdSense, has in turn become one of the extremely popular ways to earn advertising earnings for your website. google adwords certification questions answers

Jointly, Google AdWords and Yahoo AdSense make up two sides of the game. This the Google Google adwords and Google AdSense game works. 

With Google Google adwords, you pay Google to advertise for their keywords on the internet AdWords ads. The Facebook advertising are shown in two places:

– Upon Google’s search engine results pages (SERP’s) for those keywords

– On other people’s websites that are members of Google’s AdSense program and which may have those keywords in their content

If you look at the second bullet above, you will see that with Google AdSense, other people pay you (through Google) to advertise their websites on your website.

Like most games you can play either part. If you are using the Google AdWords and Google AdSense game, the question is: Are you winning or losing the game? Of course, if you’re losing, how do you be a winner?

Once Google AdWords advertisings are shown in their search results, Yahoo makes all of the money from the marketer. If the advertising are shown as Google AdSense advertising on other websites, Yahoo splits the advertising earnings with each of those websites. The exact ratio is unknown, but it is commonly believed to be about a 50/50 split.

So how do you win the Yahoo AdWords and Google AdSense game? There are two ways:

The first way is to be on the Google AdWords part of the game, where you pay for advertising. If you make more money from sales producing from the Google Google adwords advertisings than you spend on advertising, you succeed. This can be quite profitable, if you can succeed. After all, when would you trade $1 to get $2? While often as it can be, right?

This kind of isn’t always as simple as it sounds. This is possible to lose quite somewhat of money before you discover how to play the Facebook . com side of the game. Many people wind up spending more for advertising than they make money from sales. You have to be patient and chronic, and you have to watch your numbers. You have to cancel the advertisments that aren’t working and increase the ones that are.

The second way to win the Google Ppc and Google AdSense game is to be on the Google AdSense aspect of the game. You display other people’s Yahoo AdWords advertising as Yahoo AdSense advertising on your website. Every time someone clicks on one of the Google AdSense advertisings, is made a percentage of the advertising payment Yahoo receives. This could vary from a few cents to a few dollars.

In the event that you have content targeted towards popular keywords that command high advertising earnings, you make more for every single click. This isn’t always easy either, but the good news with this aspect of the game is the fact it does indeed not cost you anything at all at all when you are learning! If there are not any clicks, you don’t make any cash – but you no longer lose any either. This kind of is in stark comparison to the Google Google adwords side of the sport, where people can lose hundreds or thousands of us dollars.

You merely need two things to play the Yahoo AdSense side of the game:

– A website with content targeted towards keywords that pay well

– Targeted traffic to that website

Christopher Dark night, owner of EzineArticles. por, actually gave me the theory for this article when he commented recently on an article of mine. Christopher said, “… fortunately Google AdWords EXISTS because without it, EzineArticles. por probably would not be the growing community it is today. ” Article directories like EzineArticles. com and my site, ElectricText. com, flourish because of Google Ppc and Google AdSense. Generally there is an interesting symbiotic relationship between article experts, article submission sites, Google AdSense marketers, and Google AdWords promoters:

– Authors write articles and submit them to article directories because they wish to build their reputation, the website traffic, and their incoming links.