Have Exactly The Wedding You Want

It includes such a positive communication about envisioning what you want out of life.

Do You Have a Vision for Your Wedding party??

You probably have piles of wedding magazines reserved with ideas you thought were cool, files and pictures taking up space on your hard-drive and recordings of varied wedding designed TV programs. Envisions Weddings

So what really is YOUR eye-sight for the PERFECT wedding??

I recently created my own vision board for Firefly Occasions. And guess what? You’re on it! Among my visions is to hook up more deeply with all the brides reading my ezine. You are see something really special taking place in the upcoming several weeks just for the wedding brides reading my ezine… at present, I’d like to help you attract EXACTLY the wedding YOU want. 

Now i am going to show you how to make a Firefly Dream Wedding Plank filled with your WANTS, IDEAS, and FANTASIES!

Creating Your wedding day On Paper:

Move out to an office supply store like Favorites and pick up a huge item of foam core panel. Its in the build aisle. It’s barely $5. 00!

Don’t just buy one… buy at least two. Once you get going, your vision maybe be bigger than one board

Hunker inside a comfy spot in your house with a nice glass of wine and start flipping through your magazines, books, and the ideas you’ve printed off your computer

Get a good pair of scissors, some glue… and if you’re with this problem… you’ll absolutely need some GLITTER!

Start cutting away things that will make your tummy do sandals with enjoyment!!

Paste them onto the board wherever… just start filling up with pictures of divine dresses, some unattractive bouquets, and lavish response table adjustments

Don’t neglect to add some pictures of you and your honey smiling happily- I am just POSITIVE that you of your BIG visions is being UTTERLY, COMPLETELY, ECSTATIC on YOUR wedding day!

Right now, step back… IT’S THE WEDDING!

Now What?
When you are done your crafting avoid just toss your Firefly Dream Wedding Board in to the garage behind your sweetheart’s hockey equipment. Put it somewhere SPECIAL. Somewhere you will see it everyday and be reminded of what YOUR goals are. Keep the visions and goals in view so it is much easier to achieve them.

This is such a LOVELY way to give attention to what YOU wish from your wedding day and you really know what???


Since you might ATTRACT these things to YOU! The right sellers, the most stunning dress, the coolest favours. Imagine me, this is heading to happen for you.

No Excuses!

I can already hear “I’m not creative or crafty”, “I can’t do this”, “I don’t have the time”… Every bride wants the perfect day… but your Firefly Dream Wedding Table doesn’t always have to be perfect! If you possibly could cut and insert, this can be done!!

I actually sit down with my VIP birdes-to-be and help them create their Firefly Dream Wedding party Board, because I understand is actually that important. It makes picking colours, themes, and decoration that much easier, because it’s all there in advance.