Jigsaw Tips

Much like almost any tool, being aware of a few “tricks of the trade” will make the use of your jigsaw both easier and safer. In this article are a few tips that may help: Best Product Buying Guide

one particular. Wear safety goggles or glasses when you use your jigsaw. You won’t be doing a lot of “jigsawing” in the future if you hurt your eye. In addition, if you will be cutting materials that generate a whole lot of dust, wear a dust mask. 

2. Prior to beginning a cut, make sure that your reducing line is evidently noted. Simple but important for a good job!

3. If you will be cutting small bits of materials, be certain and fasten down (e. g., with a clamp or clamps) the pieces before you get started cutting. Otherwise, the part of material will probably slide and mess up your cut. Also, if the material you’re going to be slicing is soft, place a tiny square of cork or similar material between grip and the soft materials you will be slicing to avoid the tightened grip from marring the material’s surface.

4. To ensure a smooth and appropriate cut, be certain and use the correct jigsaw knife.

5. After turning your jigsaw “on”, let the jigsaw come to the full speed you have it set for last to starting your lower. Additionally, in selecting what speed setting your jigsaw on, the overall rule of thumb is faster rates of speed for softer materials and slower speeds for harder materials.

6. Only move your jigsaw blade frontward with enough forward pressure to engage the cutter with the material and allow it to slice steadily. Never force your jigsaw blade forward! Enable your blade do the work.

7. When trimming metal or other hard materials, you can apply a thin brand of grease alongside the cutting series to help control slice particles.

8. Always remove your jigsaw from the power source before start any kind of maintenance or cleaning.

9. Regularly during extended use, remove off both the jigsaw handle/grip to help ensure your safe control of the jigsaw.

10. Carry out not use gasoline, co2 tetrachloride, or ammonia to clean your jigsaw as these chemicals may harm your jigsaw’s plastic parts.

11. When removing a blade or accessory from your jigsaw after continuous use of the jigsaw, be careful not to touch the blade or accessory with your bare fingers as the blade/accessory will probably be extremely hot. Either let it cool off or put on protective gloves before you try and remove the blade or item.

12. Tend not to lift or carry your jigsaw by its cord as this may damage your jigsaw’s cord connection. Harm to the jigsaw’s power cord interconnection is best done by the jigsaw’s factory service center.