Laser Toenail Fungus Treatment – Should You Consider It?

Regarded as being the most revolutionary breakthrough in the podiatry industry in the last forty years, toenail fungus laserlight treatment is the hottest and most exciting treatment option currently available. Initially there was a lot of skepticism concerning it’s performance, but it has proved to be quite effective.

Here’s a group of the sort of questions most people are asking in respect to the laser toe nail fungus treatment:

– Just how much would it cost?
– How painful is the procedure?
– How safe is the procedure?
– How long does the procedure take?
– Just how effective would it be?
– Is usually it covered by insurance?
– Who makes the laser hair treatment system? 

How much does it cost?

That was quite expensive during early adoption of the treatment probably costing around $1500 to $2500, but today the cost has dropped substantially and it can a lot more attainable by the mainstream public. As of this article the charge ranged from $500 to $1200, so it may even be lower by the time you read this.

How painful is the procedure?

Without local anesthetic required through the treatment really essentially painless. At most some patients can feel a slight pricking sensation through the laser toe nail treatment.

How safe is the procedure?

The laser toe nail treatment is an extremely safe process with no health or age restrictions. By using a special type of laser that passes light through the toenail surface without damaging the epidermis or nail, while eliminating the toenail fungus on contact.

How long will the procedure take?

It can an out patient process that just takes around 10 minutes per feet. It typically takes merely one visit and there are no side effects, prescription medications, or permanent visits required.

How effective is it?

At about a 90% effective rate, the laser hair treatment has a very good success rate when compared to other toe nail fungus treatments. Prescription medications like Lamisil are merely about 50% effective and home remedies like Vicks Vaporub are only about a 10% effective.

Is it covered by insurance?

The laser treatment for toenail fungus is still considered an aesthetic procedure, so insurance companies haven’t recognized it as a type of treatment. In the future insurance companies might regard it as a possible treatment for gentle to severe toenail fungus infection cases, but time will only tell.

Who makes the laser treatment system?

The toenail laser treatment is performed with the PinPointe Foot Laser Program by PathLase, Inc. The PinPointe laser treatment is widely available in the United States and other countries like Australia, Australia, United Kingdom and others.