Listening to the Voice of God

The right way to Hear from GOD – The right way to Listen when The almighty is Speaking

Hearing from God is not the problem, LISTENING to The almighty is what we need to do. click here for more

JOHN almost 8: 43

Why will you not understand My speech? Mainly because you are not able to pay attention to My phrase.

The only way to listen to from God is to pay attention when This individual is speaking and Being attentive to God requires that you will be of Him – you are born again, given birth to of His Spirit. 

STEVE 8: 47

He who may be of God hears The lord’s words; therefore you do not hear, because you are not of Goodness.

The way God addresses to everyone may vary, what is necessary is that everyone must HEAR in order to know, because it is certain and real, God speaks.

That is important that We also emphasize this point now. In very few cases do God speak to you in a spectacular way, more often than not He will not come in the spectacular, but as a Spirit, because He is a Spirit – that is the nature of God (John 4: 24).

1 KINGS 19: 11-13

The above scripture says that there was a spectacular appearance (wind, earthquake and fire), but Goodness was not in it, what Elijah heard was your voice of The almighty, which announces the occurrence of God.

The reason why I said we should not expect Goodness to speak to us in a wonderful way is because the devil can fake a spectacular occurring for you, in order to deceive you – he hails from this world and can manipulate things and events. I’ve observed of folks who sought to see visions and the devil took good thing about them and destroyed them. We were holding hearing voices and viewing visions and thought it was from God, until later they realized that it was the satan manipulating them. Anything that is from God will lend a hand with the scriptures (the Bible) – the written phrase of God.

If Goodness chooses to speak to any man in a spectacular way – because He can, God is sovereign, He will allow you to know it is Him speaking and whatever This individual says or ask you to do will be Holy and will be in agreement with His written word.

I use seen the handwriting of Our god in a trance (open vision) before, I could see the writings but Some see the palm. I was praying in the spirit (praying in tongues) and suddenly My spouse and i found myself in a trance, the place was packed with bright lights and i then saw someone writing something in the air, immediately after the writing ended, I found personally back my physical express. It absolutely was a wonderful experience, and it was for my edification, the meaning came to provide me comfort and assurance once i was in the wilderness length of my life and the communication was pure, peaceful in addition to agreement with the Holy book. But note this, I used to be not expecting that experience, Some seek it, it came by the will of God. I i am not saying we should not desire or expect God to speak to us, what I are saying is do not seek following the spectacular.

Many of the time when God is trying to lead us by His Spirit, as he stated in His word (Job 32: 8), we do not LISTEN; rather we seek something spectacular, or a vision or an angel to appear to us. We cannot determine out how God will speak to us; This individual chooses how He wishes to speak to all of us.