Prefabricated RV Storage Buildings

Premade RV storage buildings provide the same protection as other type of storage properties. Prefabricated RV storage structures are manufactured from high quality metal and polyethylene covers. Rocky Mount Self Storage

Intended for quick assembly, prefabricated MOTORHOME storage buildings are pre-cut, pre-drilled and pre-welded at our factory. Prefabricated storage area buildings can be put on concrete pillars or concrete floors. It will be easy to add on, modify or expand your RV storage area building after many years. It is even possible to move the RECREATIONAL VEHICLE building to a new location. 

Prefabricated RV safe-keeping buildings are available in several models. They can be A- model, P-model, Q-model, R-model, S-model and T-model.

A-model premade RV storage building features a 4: 12 roof top pitch for steel don. It is also available with 40′ width and unlimited lengths. P-model is well suited for a back backyard garage or workshop, one or multiple car don, and as equipment protection. The P-model RV storage space building size ranges from 14′ to 30′ large with unlimited lengths.

The Q-model design is well suited for grain and livestock storage space, boat and automobile storage space, retail outlets, heavy equipment storage etc. Q-model has no poles, beams or obstructions and maximizes able to be used interior space. It is available in sizes from 20′ to 100′ vast with unlimited lengths. Q-model has high strength, toughness and is economic. R-model has a simple roof top system and conventional appearance. R-model is well suited for keeping ore coal, salt or any large quantity materials.

S-model is a direct sided, curved arch roof top, prefabricated RV building. This kind of gives house maximum floor space. The S series buildings range in proportion from 16- to 50- breadth with unlimited lengths. These types of buildings are simply perfect for commercial, professional and military applications. T-model prefabricated RV building is a versatile curved structure with one available side wall. The T-model RV buildings have an efficient three sided refuge with multiple openings to provide easy access and economical equipment storage.

As opposed to traditional garages, the RV storage buildings are affordable and easy to set up. Steel beams combined with standard size wood accessories might survive from tornadoes, hurricanes, typhoons and earthquakes for more than more than 30 years.