Protex Depository Safes – Innovative Designs and Options for All Office Applications

Protex Safe Co. store safes regularly alluded to as drop boxes or store safes are composed in house at their corporate workplaces in Los Angeles, California. Composed with an accentuation on security and usability, their safes are in the same class as, and, as a rule better than other storehouse safes available. Protex Safe Co. as of now has twenty-four drop boxes and store safes and is constantly extending the range with the expansion of new models, for example, the as of late discharged RX164 physician recommended drugs drop box. Safe safes and drop boxes are ordinarily assembled together as one classification however at Protex they have been isolated into two classes viz. drop boxes or drop safes and store safes.

In the vault safes class there are six inventive outlines intended to suit any office application.

FD-2014BD store safes with the drop entryway at the back and entryway opening at the front 

FD-2014LS through the divider drop chute. Safe introduced against divider in secure stay with chute on inverse side of divider

FD-4020K safe and vault safe in one. Entomb office storehouse safe with double key bolt. Pivoted drop entryway opening and safe opening both at the front.

FDD-3020BD through the divider double compartment safe with free bolts. Pivoted drop entryway opening opens on one side of a divider with safe set on inverse side of divider. Top compartment is a general protected and base is the drop safe.

HD-34C Drop space on top with entryway opening from front

RD-2014 best stacking rotating drop safe with front opening entryway

Entryways built of least half-inch strong steel to counteract boring, punching and prying, locks secured by quarter inch hard-plate to shield the bolt from penetrating and the consideration of substantial obligation steel locking jolts gives assurance against theft assaults. These B-appraised theft store safes are an incredible decision for any business expansive or little. All the store safes come standard with an electronic computerized bolt and aside from the HD34C, bolt alternatives are accessible to modify the safe to the particular necessities of individual organizations.

Protex have reacted to the consistently expanding prevalence of biometric safes with the arrangement of three alternatives for biometric locks. Organizations can advance their decision of safe by moving up to a 10 unique mark, swipe sensor biometric keypad, a 30 finger impression, swipe sensor biometric keypad or a review trail bolt with multi clients and time delay biometric bolt. Other bolt alternatives other than biometrics accessible to organizations incorporate dial blend locks, dial mix locks with key, key just bolts and multi client time defer electronic locks with review trail.

Under the counter drop boxes, official divider mounted drop safes, through the divider, divider mounted drop boxes and through the entryway drop boxes are accessible. For inventive simple to utilize drop boxes there are none preferable planned and built over those bearing the Protex mark.