Real Peace

Funny how you grow and change over time. It’s more interesting how the Master has a way of allowing us to be exposed for who we really are in revenge of ourselves. I was thinking recently about the state of my life and all the change that has taken place to me in ministry over the last couple of months. This was then that I actually suddenly realized something. My spouse and i had the wrong idea of what true Christ like peace was intended to be. In the past We thought real peace was having all the charges paid or being able to spend a few of hundred dollars on clothes. I thought it was having that special someone or being cool with my girls. My spouse and i thought real peace was having a job that was secure or affirmation from my church authority. However in the process of maturation I found away that isn’t true peacefulness simply a false sense of security I created for myself. Is God Real

I’ve learned that true peace, real serenity is in Jesus. SPECIFIC PEACE is when you only lost your job and you’re not stressed about it even when the rent is due future. It’s when the only significant other in you are Jesus and the relationship you have with him fascinates you so much that you avoid want to share your time with someone else right now. It’s the with the knowledge that you and God are so OK, that you don’t care if house of worship members or anyone more ever validates you. Really a knowing you’re treated even if the doctor says there’s no known effective treatment. It is simply an unshakable trust in God. 

Real peacefulness is resting in Our god for everything that influences our lives. In order to do that we must allow Him to be our back-up, whether we can see His provision or not. Genuine peace drives us to help someone else in need… even though we have a need ourselves! Normal Christ embedded peace forces us to share the gospel, whether the person receives it or not because the reward is in being obedient to the Father. Life long peace allows us to rest in the satisfaction of the Lord and smile sincerely through all adversity. The God kind of peace gives all of us the tenacity to package with any situation or loss that our lives may present. When we have cultivated REAL peace within our spirit, we don’t worry when people betray all of us, lie to us, on us or even leave us. It teaches all of us how to ride away the storms that occur in our lives with grace and dignity. The God kind of tranquility tells us that our creator is fully able to vindicate us from anything the enemy throws our way. This powerful, tangible peacefulness lets us truly love everyone and pray for them without harboring plaisanterie. Real serenity in the Lord permits us to break forth in frivolity and dancing even if there’s no music performing. REAL PEACE motivates all of us to greet each new day with expectancy because we’re anxious to notice what the Lord is about to say that day. We greet daily with anticipation understanding that God gets the best in store for our future. All of tomorrows are blessings, not burdens and peace grants us the liberty in Christ to become all we were designed to be.

Genuine peace comes when we subdue more of our flesh and embrace the desire to be more Christ like. Real tranquility in Christ is trust, the inspiration of any supportive relationship. Real peace is our vulnerability coupled with steadfast love for our Savior. During this season in your life, seek the Savior so that you too can find and bask in the actual PEACE of Christ.