Rock Cakes Recipe

Shake cakes are extremely practically identical to drop cakes. This kind of cake is anything but difficult to do. Envision heating treats, utilizing two spoons to drop the delicate mixture into the readied plate. Press the batter with a wet fork, on the off chance that it is excessively firm. Leave spaces in the middle of the mixture. cake tray forming machine

Shake cakes are acclaimed due to its thick and fruity buns. A considerable measure of children and developed – ups love its great surface and sweet taste.

The following is a basic formula in making a stone cake.


• 200 grams of Sultanas or raisins

• 100 grams of margarine

• 75 grams wet cocoa sugar

• 200 grams of self raising flour

• 1 egg

• 1 teaspoon of blended zest (discretionary

Types of gear:


Blending dish

Cut for blending

Scales (discretionary)

Preparing Sheet

Greaseproof paper


1. Turn on the stove until it warms to 200 degrees Celsius

2. Blend 100 grams of margarine and the 200 grams of flour in a blending dish. Blend them until they look like bread pieces.

3. Blend alternate fixings (200 grams of sultanas or raisins, 75 grams of sodden sugar and egg.)

4. Set up the preparing plate with oil – verification paper.

5. Painstakingly organize the mixture balls (4 centimeters in distance across) on a plate.

6. Prepare it for 15 to 25 minutes.

7. To check in the event that it is cooked, embed a toothpick. Within ought to be dry and within ought not seem crude.

8. Permit it to cool until it solidifies.


• The first formula of shake cake are utilized only a half as a lot of organic product as today.

• Sultanas are typically less expensive than raisins.

• Using shoddy white sugar will make the cake less top notch.

• When making batter balls, if the blend is excessively dry, you can saturate the blend with utilization of drain.

• It can be finished with the utilized of glace cherry and coarse-grain sugar.

• For a few people, utilizing hands is superior to electric machines since machine blender will toss the dry blend as opposed to combining it.

• Using electric blender is additionally useful for blending.

You can likewise improve the look of your cake by utilizing cake embellishing packs. Including birthday cake enrichments, for example, blossoms, hued confections, chocolate sprinkles, granulate ed coconut and other eatable cake enhancing stuff will make your cake appealing.