Software Engineering and the Intelligence Community – Setting Real Time Standards

Computer software engineering is an essential discipline when designing and implementing high end data businesses. Although software engineers are not certified or approved by any standards body, use of software technicians with experience in the Intelligence Community increases chances of success. safe

Software Anatomist Defined

Software engineering is the application of a scientific, disciplined, quantifiable procedure to the expansion, procedure, and maintenance of software, and the study of these approaches; that is, the application of executive to software. (Source Wikipedia) 

Knowledge of programming is the key pre-requisite to becoming a software engineer, but it is not sufficient. Many software engineers have degrees in Computer Research or mathematics and physics due to the shortage of software engineering programs in higher education. A great organized mind and any in problem solving are also prerequisites.

However, as data networks become more complex and indispensable in large organizations higher education has started to change with the introduction of new software engineering certifications, especially in post-graduate education.

Software Engineering as a Discipline

Software engineering is made up of a number of individual yet interrelated disciplines.

2. Software requirements

* Application design

* Software development

* Software testing

2. Software maintenance

* Application configuration management

* Software program engineering management, see also project management

* Computer software development process

* Computer software engineering tools and Pc Aided Software Engineering

5. Software quality

* Community Software Engineering

Each subwoofer discipline has its own performance requirements and techniques for success.

Jobs in Software Engineering – A Strong Industry

Because the field of software executive is broad and growing more complex due to advantages of recent technologies and applications, the opportunity of job growth is significant even in a down economy.