Voice Activated Sun Glasses

Somebody needs to design a system that can lower sunglass lenses over your glasses or lower a welders shield over their eyes by using a voice activated command. Perhaps you have ever been driving your car so that as you switch at different angles the Sun is in several locations and you have to keep squinting or move sunlight Visor? Why not have the Sun Spectacles, which are clear, but after a voice command word are instantly shaded? How do someone build such some thing you are probably expressing? And you probably want a pair when they actually. click link

Of course for all we know the government already has such a thing for special headgear used in operating very high tech equipment and you are now persuaded that you may have even remembered such a thing in some Sci Fi Space War thriller movie. Since the shades would be fairly near your mouth you can actually use these on Motorcycles without having to worry about engine noise disruptions and that would mean better protection too. 

But the applications are endless and such technologies could protect your eyes at the sea and perhaps cut down on the huge volume of traffic accidents each yr in the usa. Truck drivers, aviators and even skateboarders would rely on them and love them, so when are you going to design them? Think about this in 2006.