Volunteer to Professional – Making the Move in a Nonprofit Organization

It can be time to turn your passion into a job. As corporations are saying layoffs you may well be forced to take a fresh look in your career. If you might have always imagined following your heart along with your volunteer work is your passion you may want to consider after switching from offer to nonprofit professional. foundation jobs

When ever I was in secondary school my mother went again to work. First, the lady took a glamorous (or and so i thought then) job selling cosmetics at David Wanamaker’s (sadly, it no longer exists). After a year or so the girl was offered a job working for the lady Scouts. And she took it. 

Despite my chagrin, my mother did precisely the right thing. She experienced started volunteering as my Brownie leader and eliminated on to become an active volunteer at our county council. Now your woman had the possibility to get started a career with an organization she really cared for about.

[Quick aside: my mother stayed there for many years and then went on to work at nonprofit hospitals, where she directed volunteer services, among other things. Her closest friends to this day are those your woman met through Girl Scouts. ]

Since then, We have known several people who made the swap. Often they are really, like my mom, women getting back to work. Just recently our local Interfaith Hospitality Network (Family Promise) needed a fresh Overseer. The Board President, a woman whose youngest child is in high institution, is now the Overseer. Another Family Promise Overseer started out as the volunteer van driver.

A museum I have worked well with has a very dedicated volunteer, a previous ones man. Twice now this individual has filled in as acting director. Often college volunteers become teachers or other paid workers. Since volunteers, my neighbor and her husband started a form of art gallery in a community building. Eventually, she became the paid Director of the gallery and other arts programs in the town.

Generally, this is a good thing, the nonprofit gets a ready-to-go employee and the offer gets paid for doing something he / she loves.

One other Director stated a drawback to me. Before the lady became a paid overseer, she was the same to the other panel members. Once she became an employee, she performed for these people. This did not dissuade her but the girl was aware about the change in status. (She is an outstanding director, thus i hesitation the board ever thought about it; they are just thrilled that the lady is in a position to devote her full awareness of the business now. )

Probability of success are high however, not certain. When the board uses someone who has recently been active in the corporation, they know much more about the potential worker than they will through a normal hiring process. The key to success for the new employee is to understand the new role and the new relationships that come with it. This includes being sensitive to those who may well not be happy with the selection and in the end earning their respect if it is a fair, mission concentrated leader.

The current economical environment may yield a record number of pros buying career change. Virtually any organization that actively utilizes the unemployed will wrap up with some great new volunteers and, possibly, a future employee.