How To Do Niche Marketing To Help Your Natural Health Business Thrive

Discuss a bunch of crazy fans…

Green body color on shaved heads. Rough outdoors cheering, waves and mascots. Crazy outfits. If you looked around the arena you could have sworn you were at some sporting event. Marketing Medico em Belo Horizonte

But this high energy, fan fever was not made by people throwing balls.

This kind of frenzy was made by ball-throwing robots. And not even good ball-throwing programs at that…

It was event was in an entire other league – the NH regional FIRST Robotics competition, created by Segway inventor Dean Kamen.

Forty-seven secondary school teams – including a few from Canada and one from Down under – were putting weeks of team sweat on the line as they tested their robot models against each other.

I am going to confess, the action has not been that riveting. Quite a few robots spent much of the time caught in a large part or upside down with wheels spinning. And a 5-year-old could beat almost all of the robots in a pitching competition.

But to the crowd gathered there, it was just like watching a playoffs game between the LA La lakers and the Miami Warmth.

That excitement got even me cheering as a robot managed to get 8 balls in the designated spot.

And this what this taught me personally as a marketer and copywriter. The key to selling is finding your fan club, capturing their attention and turning that excitement onto overdrive.

Nowadays you may have noticed this before. Seth Godin talks about tribes, SEO experts speak about niche marketing – it’s all over the place.

In this article, I’ll talk about…
? Using fans specifically in the realm of health marketing;
? Two specific ways you can identify your fans;
? Some specific ways to locate them and talk to them.

Just how You Can Find Followers For Your Natural Well being Business

It’s one thing to an energy drink on the earth level and try to sell it. It’s another thing to offer it to a mom who has a tearful toddler by a singke hand and is trying to make it through the superstore before her 2-year-old time bomb goes off.

Certainly, everyone wants energy. Nevertheless you’re not going for capturing everyone’s attention the same way. As you develop a headline and business lead, you’re not trying to sell to everyone, or even everyone who desires an energy drink.

You’ve acquired to offer it to the mom who’s eager to make it through evening time tasks…
A nurse who is working the night change and doesn’t like the caffeine jitters…
A mountain climber who wants something that keeps him heading but doesn’t undermine the careful work he’s done to build up his body’s abilities…

You’re striving to sell it to someone who will take a seat straight up and stick the person next to them and say, “Hey, they’re talking to me personally! ”

Clayton Makepeace, one of the most successful copywriters describes in dreadful terms. He explains that you’re looking for the people who are anxiously looking so that you aren’t selling. The people for whom to buy or not to buy is almost a life or death decision.

Marketing expert, Mark Joyner, describes it as choosing the people who are red hot for your product. He recommends, don’t waste time marketing to individuals who are so on it.

As both masters point out, sure it lowers the size of your market, but the size of your market is not as important as your market’s burning desire for the solution you’re selling.

In one scenario, you might spend a lot of time and money to get in front of thousands of folks but only some hundreds will buy it. You may think – whats up, let’s go for the biggest market with this product that has the broadest appeal.