You Can Stop Biting Your Nails

Fingernail biting is a common stress relieving habit. For least 50% of all teens have in the past or another bitten their toenails. As a person age ranges this stress relieving behavior decreases. Only 10% of men over the age group of 30 bite their nails. If you do bite your nails there are techniques that you can learn so as to stop biting your nails. Ms Mee

Biting down hard your nails is also associated with other practices, that include picking at the skin, twisting or drawing hair, tooth grinding and nose picking. All of these body related practices could occur during times of stress, excitement, apathy or inactivity. There are several techniques available to stop nibbling your toenails including behavior modification and products that are designed to stop your gnawing habit. 

This habit leads to nails that are not attractive and can cause the area about the toenails to become sore. As soon as the decision to stop gnawing your nails is made, either behavior modification techniques or physical barriers to stop the biting can be used.

A physical barrier to attacking your nails with your the teeth is the application of a bitter or bad tasting substance to the nails. Several products are available non-prescription for the consumer. The bitter or bad taste causes the condition to eventually cease.

Using nail polish on many occasions ceases the habit. Men can utilize clear nail gloss for this. A regular manicure insures that the nails are attractive. In the event a man is faced with the “unmanliness” of obtaining a manicure it can be explained as a radical treatment in an effort to stop gnawing at their nails.

When the decision to halt biting fingernails is reached, one quick can be selected as a “no bite area”. Take an image of the nail and then do not bite that toe nail. Compare the nail regularly to the photo. When the desired growth is obtained, photograph another toenail and make it the “no bite area”. Ultimately all of the toenails can become “no bite areas” and the nails will become attractive.

Since toe nail biting can be a stress comfort, substitute an action because of it. Squeeze a tiny ball; spin silly putty in your hand. An advanced artist, start sketching or if you are art disadvantaged, write. Maintain a notebook of when you find yourself gnawing at your nails so that you know about when the condition is common.